What’s it Like To be Arrested?

What is it like to be arrested and go to jail? Some people might find this question a bit strange, but it is not. You see, to ask this question signals that you’ve never endured this experience. Learning what an arrest is really like may certainly deter you from committing a crime and learning firsthand.

An Unpleasurable Event

Being arrested is not fun. Wherever you’re at and whoever is there sees the arrest, which includes being placed in handcuffs behind your back. You can be arrested at work, in front of family, or elsewhere. Once you’ve placed in cuffs, the officer will place you in the back of the patrol car or he may ask questions.

Shh…Don’t Say a Word

This is the time I recommend invoking your right to remain silent. As you talk, the officer is filling out that police report and the information that you provide could be used in the report and against you at court. Don’t make the situation worse on yourself by further inserting the situation with hateful words to the officer.

Time for Jail

Once the questioning is over and the police officer has completed the paperwork, you’re taken to the Mason County Sheriff Department Jail where you are given the chance to use mason county bail bonds to get out or remain behind bars until your court date. No one wants to spend any length of time in jail, so using a bail bondsman service is ideal to get you out of the slammer fast.

Don’t Go to Jail

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It is not fun when you’re arrested. Although every person feels different emotions most people feel embarrassed and sad after an arrest. Avoid going to jail and experiencing these mixed emotions; keep your life on the straight and narrow.