Tips to Avoid an Auto Accident:

Did you know that more auto accidents occur on Saturday than any other day of the week? Furthermore, there is a car accident every six seconds in America. These stats are shocking and prove why it is essential to stay safe while you are driving on the roadways. Put the tips here to use to stay safe when you drive.

·    Follow posted speed limit signs. There are speed limits in place for a reason. Abide by these numbers and avoid accidents and other unwanted events.

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·    Although you may be one of the best drivers on the road, it is anyone’s guess what other drivers are doing. Keep your eye on other drivers!

·    Give yourself extra time to get where you are going. If you wait to leave until the last minute, you may find yourself in a big rush and that increases the risk of an accident for everyone. ]

·    If you’ve drunk alcohol or used drugs, even prescription, do not operate the vehicle. You may feel like you are okay to drive when in reality, you are a danger to everyone who shares the road with you. Plus, it is illegal to drive when you are impaired and may result in your arrest.

·    Do not use your cell phone, put on makeup, read magazines, or otherwise distract yourself from the road when you are driving. Distracted driving is the biggest cause of accidents; avoid this haphazard at all costs.

If you are involved in an auto accident that’s caused by the negligence of another person, make sure to pick up the phone and call a rockville personal injury attorney. You may have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to recoup damages but you need a lawyer there if you decide to make this step.

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